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At St. Peter’s we place great importance on the church’s role as a channel of Christ’s Mission. We seek to develop our own community life and to nurture the faith of church members, whilst at the same time reaching out to the wider community of Monkseaton and beyond. We are aware of the impact made by individual church members in their daily lives, maintaining a Christian presence in the wider world.

There is a strong sense of fellowship within the congregation which spans the generations leading to a friendly atmosphere and warm relationships. The level of concern people show to one another is reflected in the way they care for each other and go out of their way to offer their support and there is very much a feeling of family at St. Peter’s.

Our tagline and mission statement, clearly defines what our church stands for in the community and beyond. Our mission statement, ‘Gathering in Love, Growing in Faith, Giving Hope to All‘, was crafted following an away-day open to all clergy and members of the congregation who wished to attend, and encompasses the joy, belief and inclusivity at our heart.

Our tagline, ‘Faith, Hope, Community‘ distils this message down into a short and memorable form which can be used across our internal and external communications.

Starting a conversation – February 2022
In light of the experience both of the pandemic and of the long vacancy before Hannah’s arrival, we’re now reflecting together about how we think about our mission and priorities in this next season. To help us get thinking with that, our sermon mini-series this month has looked in turn at each of those dimensions of Gathering-Growing-Giving.

Fourth before Lent 2022 – Gathering in Love
Third before Lent 2022 – Growing in Faith
Second before Lent 2022 – Giving Hope to All